Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas this 2022

Your kitchen is more than just a place for meal preparation; it’s a magical place where your family can enjoy many happy memories together. To get the most out of your kitchen, it’s a good idea to make this place both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With the right color and design idea, you can spruce up your kitchen and make it a living space worthy of making memories with.

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With this in mind, West Hartford House Painting Experts, the best painting company in West Hartford, CT, shares their top five kitchen remodeling ideas for this year.


  1. Use Gray to Add Shades to Your Kitchen


Most young adults are experimenting with the color gray in their kitchens. This color projects a stylish, modern, and minimalist feel to any room, even in kitchens. However, many think that solely using gray will make the room look bland. If you share the same sentiment, you can always add a little variety by introducing some gray tones to your kitchen’s top and bottom cabinets. Don’t hesitate to exercise your creativity when renovating your kitchen!


  1. Add Yellow for More Energy


The color yellow inspires a positive and energizing feeling in any room. It can drastically change the mood of a kitchen, even encouraging you to use the space more often. For the right mix of vivacity and refinement, paint your kitchen with a combination of white and yellow. Some people prefer a bright yellow hue, but we believe it’s ideal for medium to big kitchens instead of smaller ones.


  1. Utilize Blue and White for a Powerful Combination


If dark colors aren’t your cup of tea yet you still want to make a dramatic statement in your kitchen, we suggest you use blue and white colors. The leading painting company West Hartford, CT, advises you to choose a darker shade of blue, either midnight blue or bright blue. This will make your kitchen the focal point of your home due to its elegant color, especially if you have a huge kitchen.


Use the color white to complement blue hues. With the dramatic combination of dark and light tones, you can drastically improve the vibe of your kitchen. For extra oomph, add a dash of either black or yellow.


  1. Don’t Hesitate to Paint Contrasting Colors


Opposites do attract, even when it comes to house painting. Blending in two colors, navy blue and vivid yellow, is an impressive way to make your kitchen stand out.  This color scheme is effective in defining several spaces in a big kitchen.  For instance, kitchens with islands look better when designed with contrasting hues.


  1. Inspire Class Through Pastel and Wood Colors


If you’re familiar with interior home designs and kitchen renovations, you’re probably aware of how common it is for people to use wood. Those with a wooden kitchen understand how cozy and inviting this room can be when renovated correctly. 


If you have a wooden kitchen, paint experts suggest you use neutral colors to keep the room looking crisp and clean. Homeowners fortunate enough to have a large kitchen can opt for darker wood stains instead of the typical lighter tone.


The Bottom Line


We believe your kitchen is one of the essential rooms in your home, and you should do your best to make it more lively and animated. Regardless of your styles and tastes in color schemes, it’s essential to understand that when painted correctly, the right colors will accentuate the liveliness of your kitchen.


If you want to ensure a professional-looking paint job for your kitchen, get the best painters in West Hartford, CT, to do the work for you.  The House Painting West Hartford CT offers high-quality painting services at affordable rates. Contact them today to get your free house painting estimate!

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