Awning Windows

awning windows north texas home exteriors 2 Looking for a window type that offers a good deal of flexibility? Then perhaps you should consider awning windows. It’s a popular choice for many, not just because it looks good but because it offers plenty of options to homeowners. For one, it looks great whether it’s incorporated in traditional or modern architectural design.

Awning windows work by opening outward from a top hinge. These are screened on the windows inside. You can open the window to the amount that you desire with the help of a chain winder. Awning windows can be locked while in an open position and the window will be wound closed through the chain winder.

So in what part of the home should you use awning windows? They are best placed in those areas where openable windows are required. One of the best things about awning windows is that it can be placed at a higher point than other window types. That’s why you can often see them located or used in kitchens and bathrooms. 


You can get quality awning windows from North Texas Home Exteriors and reap its benefits. But don’t just take our word for it, learn the benefits and advantages of using it below.


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Advantages of Using Awning Windows

Read and learn about the advantages of using awning windows below:

  • Awning windows are versatile, style, and design-wise. They can be incorporated into plenty of different architectural designs and styles. You can have them placed high on the wall or lower.
  • You can group awning windows with other window types. This speaks to how flexible it is.
  • It’s easy to open awning windows even when it’s raining outside. The window can be opened with the use of the top hinge. Ventilation can get in through the bottom part of the sash. There is no danger of the rain getting inside.
  • You can place awning windows higher on walls compared to other window types. This offers several benefits, from being to maximize your wall space to allow more natural light and ventilation into your home.
  • Awning windows offer excellent privacy that other windows find hard to match. This can be done through the use of opaque glass or high window placement.
  • An awning window can blend in with most architectural designs. It wouldn’t matter whether you decide on a more traditional or modern look.

The Best Awning Windows in the DFW Area

Awning windows from North Texas Home Exteriors are guaranteed to be the best in the entire Dallas Fort Worth area. But that’s not the only type of window that we’re offering. In fact, we have a whole line-up of window products that are meant to perform exceptionally well and last a long time. Here they are:

Each and every one of the window types are high-performance products that are designed to last for years. You can use them for window replacements or install them in your new homes. 

Please give us a call right now to get your free quote. That should start the process that will lead to you getting your window of choice.

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