Choosing Between Vinyl Fencing and Wood Fencing

Homeowners frequently need to be aware, “Is vinyl fencing better compared to wood?” – and that is an extreme inquiry. While vinyl is without a doubt better compared to a conventional pressure-treated wood fence, the lovely wooden cedar choices we install offer their benefits. That is the reason we’re looking at the vital realities of cedar fencing to vinyl:


One of the main focuses while looking at Dallas vinyl fences versus wood – or any fence material – is their prices. Both of these materials are mid-price choices and are similarly priced at their base design. While the best way to get a precise price is to get official measurements and statements, you can depend on both of these materials to be pretty close.

Maintenance Needs

This is one of the primary reasons that certain individuals consider that vinyl fencing is superior to wood. Vinyl fencing won’t ever require re-staining to prevent the development of rot and shape as wooden fences do. To keep vinyl looking great, all you want is to wipe it down with a cleanser and water. Even though cedar is a normally rot-resistant wood species, it is more than a little flawed — cedar fences should be re-finished each 5 to 7 years. Get more familiar with low-maintenance fences.


If you’re pondering, “Is vinyl fencing better compared to wood?” – this is one of the central issues to consider. Indeed, even with wonderful regular maintenance, a wooden fence basically can’t match that of a climate-resistant vinyl fence. By and large, a cedar fence will endure between 15 to 20 years – while a vinyl fence will handily last 50+ years. Vinyl is an optimal material to face the elements and look great getting it done.
Style – Everyone’s style and yard contrasts, and that is the thing that will assist you with settling on this point. Accessible in various tones, vinyl fencing creates a spotless present-day style that looks great for rural homes. Then again, the perfect red cedar of a wooden fence normally improves a rustic style. Both of these choices are attractive and will make your terrace more lovely.


Customizing the design of your fence is a choice a few homeowners decide to make the look genuinely champion. This is finished by choosing unmistakable top rail choices and embellishments, which create a remarkable profile. While there are adequate choices for grid work and rails, customizing a vinyl fence is simpler and a lot less expensive than customizing a cedar one. At last, whichever you pick between vinyl fences and cedar wood fences, you’ll have a strong piece that keeps your yard protected and upgrades its style. All things considered, we gladly install both – because both are great decisions!

Much More Stylish Fences to Consider

While wood and vinyl fences are probably the most well-known choices available, there are significantly more choices to consider. Aluminum fencing is rapidly becoming perhaps the most well-known material in lawns the nation over. This is because of the thin, present-day style of the aluminum rails – and the way that aluminum fences last 50+ years without requiring ANY maintenance!

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