Residential Roof Replacement in Dallas Fort Worth

Your roof serves multiple purposes. It provides way more than just aesthetic value although it does a great job of that most of the time. The roof over your home also offers considerable security and protection for your family and property within your home. So you need a roof that’s strong and durable and it surely wouldn’t hurt if it also looks good. You, therefore, need to make sure that your roof is of the highest quality possible.

However, your roof isn’t going to last forever, no matter how good the quality. Roofs have lifespans and you need to be aware of that so you know when to get a new one. The day is going to come when you’ll need to get rid of your home’s old roof and when repairs won’t be enough anymore. At that point, what you need is a roof replacement.

The main challenge in a roof replacement project is to look for a quality contractor that’s both reliable and affordable. You’d think that with the numerous contractors in your area, there would also be an abundance of quality roofing contractors. But that’s not always the case, so you have to be careful when making your choice.

At North Texas Home Exteriors, we offer high-level roofing services that every homeowner wants for their home. After all, we’re known for home exterior excellence and roofing is just one of the many services that we provide along with windows, sidings, doors, patio enclosures, as well as painting services.


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When it comes to roof replacement services in the Dallas Fort Worth area, no other contractor comes close to what we offer at North Texas Home Exteriors. Aside from the exceptional quality of our products and services, our commitment to excellence is also unmatched by other contractors throughout the state of Texas.

Hail-Damaged Roof Replacement

As a resident of Dallas, Texas, you’re very much aware of the kind of extreme weather that you and other residents have to deal with. Hail is one example of those weather-related challenges. And it’s no joke as hail can cause considerable damage to any type of modern roofing system.

Roofs that have sustained damage from hail can be a bit of a problem, especially since repairs are not enough at times. Hail-damaged roofs don’t look good and could also lead to leaks in the future if they’re not addressed right away. That’s when a hail-damaged roof replacement becomes essential.

A hail-damaged roof replacement can be either of the two – the whole roof will be replaced or at least a considerable part of the roof shingles. Our team will have to evaluate your hail-damaged roof to determine the best way to replace the entire roof or a portion of the shingles.

Upon the completion of the evaluation process, our team would be able to decide on the best way to deal with your damaged roof. We have a variety of impact-resistant shingles that can help you get a new roof and also prepare and protect you for any future hail strikes. These shingles are extra durable and are even stronger than the typical asphalt shingles.

The impact-resistant shingles can also impact your roof in a different way and that’s through insurance. By using them, you can potentially get discounted insurance premiums. However, you’ll need to clear the details with your insurance agent as the rules and restrictions will likely vary.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose North Texas Home Exteriors for your roof replacement project? Our answer is simple enough, it’s because we have real expertise and combine it with quality service and a real commitment to our customers. It should lead to ideal results that satisfy everyone involved.


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