You might want to pair your outdoor kitchen with some shade structures to help beat the Texas sun. If you really think about it, they’re actually essential to the enjoyment of the outdoors throughout the year.

Arbors and Pergolas Offer Practical Protection

The arbors, pergolas and other shade structures that we offer are made from high-quality wooden materials such as western cedar. This type of wood is exceptionally strong and durable despite being light, which makes it the perfect building material for these types of structures.

By using quality materials, we’re able to maximize the capability of our shade structures to provide shelter and privacy. We know that they’d be able to stand up to the intense weather that Texans have to deal with throughout most of the year. You get protection from not just the sun, but also from the wind and the rain. Whatever wear and tear they’d sustain would be manageable until such time as when they’d require repair or replacement.

Arbors and pergolas also offer more practical benefits. For one, they’re less costly to build than other outdoor structures of similar use. And you get an unimpeded view of the sun during the daytime and of the moon and the stars during the night. Other outdoor structures can’t say the same.


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Aesthetics are Also Covered

Of course, those shade structures aren’t just meant for protection against excessive sunlight and heat. They can also be added to spaces in order to put a bit of flair and charm where they’re needed. Imagine relaxing under those structures and feeling way more comfortable and relaxed than you’d be in another space or beneath another structure.
At North Texas Home Exteriors, you’re sure to get the very best in exterior products, materials, and service. That’s a guarantee that we can confidently make to our customers in the Dallas Fort Worth area and beyond. We added the shade structures to our line-up of services so that people will have more options when it comes to improving their properties. And the great thing about those structures is the fact that they’re not just meant for aesthetics but are highly functional, too!


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